About Us


About GIS

Established in 2001, Global Institute of Studies (GIS) is committed to providing our students with the best possible education to prepare them for their future careers in culinary, education, tourism, hotel and hospitality management, business, accounting and, automotive.

Employability is central to our program and to equip our students to meet the challenges of industry we need to provide them with appropriate practical lessons and to enhance their understanding through experiential learning.

In order to prosper in this fast moving job market our students need to be practically grounded and to be able to work effectively; they also need to be flexible and creative, and to have the ability to think critically and to reflect on how they relate to their colleagues and customers.

To meet the needs of both our students and future employers, the members of the academic are constantly thinking about not only what they teach but also how they teach.

Our Vision

Global Institute of Studies has the potential to be an outstanding regional college.

We are determined to achieve excellence in all its programs and activities by providing a broad range of excellent qualifications. In addition, we offer a broad range of cultural activities and events that enriches the life in campus and the community.

We wish to create learning experiences for students by combining theory and practice using the best equipment, facilities, technologies and community resources that a world class faculty would grant.

We aspire to be the best regional college in the nation. We are set to place ourselves in the eyes of the nation and international countries, as the pre-eminent college embodying this innovative system of students’ pedagogy.

In keeping with the original purpose of commitment to higher education research, we advocate initiative learning in research and experiments for more effective and productive system, to better serve the educational objectives of prospective students.